Data Communications and Networking for Manufacturing Industries.pdf

A Data communication and Networking application for Manufacturing Industries, Second Edition ebook by Dario J. Toncich B.E.E. (Hons), M Eng, MIE Aust, CP Eng that already spent a number of years developing computer control, simulation and communications equipment for FMS at an Australian-based Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) Company.

This ebook is invaluable resource for you that is seeking a good literature for industrial automation, networking in general, even for those that is currently handling a manufacturing industry.


  • Introduction (iii)
  • How to Read and Use This Book (v)
  • Computer System Fundamentals and Internal Data Transfer [ ~ Microprocessor System Fundamentals ~ Number Systems, Conversion and Arithmetic ~ Representation of Alpha-numerics ~ Boolean Algebra ~ Microprocessor System Program Execution and Communication ~ Master-Slave Relationships and Interrupts ]
  • Computers and Control Systems Within Manufacturing [ ~ The Range and Scope of Computers within Manufacturing ~ Programmable Logic Controllers ~ Multiple Axis Motion Controllers (CNC and Robotics) ~ Linking Computer Aided Design to Manufacture ~ Manufacturing Systems ]
  • Principles Of Data Communications [ ~ Eight Fundamentals of Computer to Computer Communication ~ Resolution of Conflicts in Communication - Protocol ]
  • Modelling Conducting Communications Links [ Electro-Magnetic Interference and Cross-Talk ~ Parallel Data Transmission and Communications Ports ~ The Centronics Parallel Port ~ Networked Parallel Data Transmission and IEEE-488 ]
  • Serial Data Communications -Fundamentals [ ~ Serial Communications in Integrated Manufacturing ~ The Role of Parallel Communications in Manufacturing ~ Parallel to Serial Conversion ~ Synchronous Serial Data Communications ~ Asynchronous Serial Data Communications ~ Error Detection Techniques ~ Signal Modulation ~ DCE and DTE ~ UARTS and USRTS ]
  • Serial Data Communications – Hardware Application [ ~ The RS-232C Standard ~ The RS-232C Connectors ~ Basic RS-232 Connections ~ Complex RS-232 Connections ~ A Summary of Points Related to RS-232 Links ~ Devices to Assist in Establishing Serial Links ~ Selecting RS-232 Cables and Line-Drivers ~ Configuring UART Parameters ~ Bit Rates and Baud Rates ~ RS-422 and RS-449 Hardware Links ~ The 20mA Current Loop ~ Summary of Key Factors in Point to Point Serial Links ]
  • Serial Data Communications – Software Application [ ~ Developing Software for Serial Communications ~ The XON/XOFF Protocol ~ ACK/NAK Protocols ~ Communications Software Layering ~ Terminal Emulation and the Kermit System ]
  • Local Area Networks – Fundamentals [ ~ Local Area Network Concepts ~ Network Topologies ~ Contention Schemes ~ ISO / OSI Seven Layer Model ~ A Summary of Key Points Related to Networks ~ Data Packet Forms on Networks - BSC, HDLC and SDLC ~ PSTN / PSDN / CSDN / ISDN ~ The Role of Networking in Manufacturing ]
  • Local Area Networks – Applications And Standards [ ~ Interfacing Computers to Networks ~ Network Performance - Transfer Rates ~ Networks Standards Activities - IEEE 802 Committee ~ Bridges, Routers and Gateways ~ The Ethernet System ~ The General Motors / Boeing MAP and TOP Networks ~ SNA ~ File Server and Office Networks ~ What Will Our Computers Say Once they are Networked? ]
  • Real-Time Networks for Distributed Control [ ~ Introduction ~ Typical Control Applications for Real-Time Networks ~ Proprietary Real-Time LANs - CAN and LON ~ Conclusions ]




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