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This manual provides technical specifications and procedural guidance for control and geodetic surveying. It is intended for use by engineering, topographic, and construction surveyors performing control surveys for civil works, military construction, and environmental restoration projects. Procedural and quality control standards are defined to establish uniformity in control survey performance and contract administration.


  • Chapter 1 Introduction [ Purpose ~ Applicability ~ Distribution ~ References ~ Background ~ Scope of Manual ~ Life Cycle Project Management ~ Metrics ~ Trade Name Exclusions ~ Abbreviations and Terms ~ Mandatory Requirements ~ Proponency ]
  • Chapter 2 Control Surveying Applications [ General ~ Project Control Densification ~ Geodetic Control Densification ~ Vertical Control Densification ~ Structural Deformation Studies ~ Photogrammetry ~ Dynamic Positioning and Navigation ~ GIS Integration ]
  • Chapter 3 Standards and Specifications for Control Surveying [ General ~ Accuracy ~ General Procedural Standards and Specifications ~ Construction Surveys ~ Cadastral and Real Estate Surveys ~ Geodetic Control Surveys ~ Topographic Site Plan Mapping Surveys ~ Structural Deformation Surveys ~ Photogrammetric Mapping Control Surveys ~ Hydrographic Surveys ~ GIS Surveys ~ Mandatory Requirements ]
  • Chapter 4 Reference Systems and Datum Transformations [ Reference Systems ~ Geodetic Coordinates ~ State Plane Coordinate System ~ Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate System ~ Datum Transformations ~ Horizontal Datum Transformations ~ Horizontal Transition Plan ~ Vertical Datums ~ Vertical Datum Transformations ~ Vertical Transition Plan ~ Mandatory Requirements ]
  • Chapter 5 Horizontal Control Survey Techniques [ Introduction ~ Secondary Horizontal Control ~ Traverse Survey Standards ~ Traverse Survey Guidelines ~ Traverse Classifications ~ Triangulation and Trilateration ~ Bearing and Azimuth Determination ~ Mandatory Requirements ]
  • Chapter 6 Vertical Control Survey Techniques [ General ~ Second Order Leveling ~ Third Order Leveling ~ Mandatory Requirements ]
  • Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Field Notekeeping and Procedural Requirements [ Field Notes ~ Horizontal Control Survey Field Notes ~ Vertical Control Survey Field Notes ~ Rights-of-Entry ~ Mandatory Requirements ]

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