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4o lessons on refrigeration and air conditioning from IIT Kharagpur. Useful training material for mechanical engineering students/college, or as reference for engineer.


  • Lesson 1 History Of Refrigeration [ Natural Refrigeration ~ Artificial Refrigeration ]
  • Lesson 2 History Of Refrigeration – Development Of Refrigerants And Compressors [ Refrigerant development - a brief history ~ Compressor development - a brief history ]
  • Lesson 3 Applications Of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning [ Application of refrigeration in Food processing, preservation and distribution ~ Applications of refrigeration in chemical and process industries ~ Special applications of refrigeration ~ Application of air conditioning ]
  • Lesson 4 Review of fundamental principles – Thermodynamics : Part I [ Definitions ~ Thermodynamic properties ~ Fundamental laws of Thermodynamics ]
  • Lesson 5 Review of fundamental principles – Thermodynamics : Part II [ Thermodynamic relations ~ Evaluation of thermodynamic properties ~ Thermodynamic processes ]
  • Lesson 6 Review of fundamentals: Fluid flow [ Fluid flow ]
  • Lesson 7 Review of fundamentals: Heat and Mass transfer [ Heat transfer ~ Fundamentals of Mass transfer ~ Analogy between heat, mass and momentum transfer ~ Multimode heat transfer ~ Heat exchangers ]
  • Lesson 8 Methods of producing Low Temperatures [ Sensible cooling by cold medium ~ Endothermic mixing of substances ~ Phase change processes ~ Expansion of Liquids ~ Expansion of gases ~ Thermoelectric Refrigeration ~ Adiabatic demagnetization ]
  • Lesson 9 Air cycle refrigeration systems [ Air Standard Cycle analysis ~ Basic concepts ~ Reversed Carnot cycle employing a gas ~ Ideal reverse Brayton cycle ~ Aircraft cooling systems ]
  • Lesson 10 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems [ Comparison between gas cycles and vapor cycles ~ Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems ~ The Carnot refrigeration cycle ~ Standard Vapour Compression Refrigeration System (VCRS) ~ Analysis of standard vapour compression refrigeration system ]
  • Lesson 11 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems: Performance Aspects And Cycle Modifications [ Performance of SSS cycle ~ Modifications to SSS cycle ~ Effect of superheat on system COP ~ Actual VCRS systems ~ Complete vapour compression refrigeration systems ]
  • Lesson 12 Multi-Stage Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems [ Flash gas removal using flash tank ~ Intercooling in multi-stage compression ~ Multi-stage system with flash gas removal and intercooling ~ Use of flash tank for flash gas removal ~ Use of flash tank for intercooling only ]
  • Lesson 13 Multi-Evaporator And Cascade Systems [ Individual evaporators and a single compressor with a pressure-reducing valve ~ Multi-evaporator system with multi-compression, intercooling and flash gas removal ~ Multi-evaporator system with individual compressors and multiple expansion valves ~ Limitations of multi-stage systems ~ Cascade Systems ]
  • Lesson 14 Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems [ Maximum COP of ideal absorption refrigeration system ~ Properties of refrigerant-absorbent mixtures ~ Basic Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System ~ Refrigerant-absorbent combinations for VARS ]
  • Lesson 15 Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems Based On Water-Lithium Bromide Pair [ Properties of water-lithium bromide solutions ~ Steady flow analysis of Water-Lithium Bromide Systems ~ Practical problems in water-lithium bromide systems ~ Commercial systems ~ Heat sources for water-lithium bromide systems ~ Minimum heat source temperatures for LiBr-Water systems ~ Capacity control ]
  • Lesson 16 Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems Based On Ammonia-Water Pair [ Properties of ammonia-water solutions ~ Basic Steady-Flow Processes with binary mixtures ]
  • Lesson 17 Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems Based On Ammonia-Water Pair [ Working principle ~ Principle of rectification column and dephlegmator ~ Steady-flow analysis of the system ~ Pumpless vapour absorption refrigeration systems ~ Solar energy driven sorption systems ~ Comparison between compression and absorption refrigeration systems ]
  • Lesson 18 Refrigeration System Components: Compressors [ Compressors ~ Reciprocating compressors ]
  • Lesson 19 Performance Of Reciprocating Compressors [ Ideal compressor with clearance ~ Actual compression process ~ Capacity control of reciprocating compressors ~ Compressor lubrication ]
  • Lesson 20 Rotary, Positive Displacement Type Compressors [ Rolling piston (fixed vane) type compressors ~ Multiple vane type compressors ~ Characteristics of rotary, vane type compressors ~ Rotary, screw compressors ~ Scroll compressors ]
  • Lesson 21 Centrifugal Compressors [ Analysis of centrifugal compressors ~ Selection of impeller Speed and impeller diameter ~ Refrigerant capacity of centrifugal compressors ~ Performance aspects of centrifugal compressor ~ Commercial refrigeration systems with centrifugal compressors ]
  • Lesson 22 Condensers & Evaporators [ Condensers ~ Classification of condensers ~ Analysis of condensers ~ Optimum condenser pressure for lowest running cost ]
  • Lesson 23 Condensers & Evaporators [ Classification ~ Natural Convection type evaporator coils ~ Flooded Evaporator ~ Shell-and-Tube Liquid Chillers ~ Shell-and-Coil type evaporator ~ Double pipe type evaporator ~ Baudelot type evaporators ~ Direct expansion fin-and-tube type ~ Plate Surface Evaporators ~ Plate type evaporators ~ Thermal design of evaporators ~ Enhancement of heat transfer coefficients ~ Wilson's plot ]
  • Lesson 24 Expansion Devices [ Capillary Tube ~ Automatic Expansion Valve (AEV) ~ Flow Rate through orifice ~ Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TEV) ~ Float type expansion valves ~ Electronic Type Expansion Valve ~ Practical problems in operation of Expansion valves ]
  • Lesson 25 Analysis Of Complete Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems [ Reciprocating compressor performance characteristics ~ Evaporator Performance ~ Expansion valve Characteristics ~ Condensing unit ~ Performance of complete system - condensing unit and evaporator ~ Effect of expansion valve ]
  • Lesson 26 Refrigerants [ Primary and secondary refrigerants ~ Refrigerant selection criteria ~ Designation of refrigerants ~ Comparison between different refrigerants ]
  • Lesson 27 Psychrometry [ Methods for estimating properties of moist air ~ Measurement of psychrometric properties ~ Calculation of psychrometric properties from p, DBT and WBT ~ Psychrometer ]
  • Lesson 28 Psychrometric Processes [ Important psychrometric processes ~ Air Washers ~ Enthalpy potential ]
  • Lesson 29 Inside And Outside Design Conditions [ Selection of inside design conditions ~ Thermal comfort ~ Heat balance equation for a human being ~ Factors affecting thermal comfort ~ Indices for thermal comfort ~ Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and Percent People Dissatisfied (PPD) ~ Selection of outside design conditions ]
  • Lesson 30 Psychrometry Of Air Conditioning Systems [ Summer air conditioning systems ~ Guidelines for selection of supply state and cooling coil ]
  • Lesson 31 Evaporative, Winter And All Year Air Conditioning Systems [ Introduction to evaporative air conditioning systems ~ Classification of evaporative cooling systems ~ Advantages and disadvantages of evaporative cooling systems ~ Applicability of evaporative cooling systems ~ Winter Air Conditioning Systems ~ All year (complete) air conditioning systems ~ ]
  • Lesson 32 Cooling And Heating Load Calculations – Estimation Of Solar Radiation [ Solar radiation ~ Calculation of direct, diffuse and reflected radiations ]
  • Lesson 33 Cooling And Heating Load Calculations -Solar Radiation Through Fenestration – Ventilation And Infiltration [ Solar radiation through fenestration ~ Estimation of solar radiation through fenestration ~ Effect of external shading ~ Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) ~ Infiltration ~ Heating and cooling loads due to ventilation and infiltration ]
  • Lesson 34 Cooling And Heating Load Calculations – Heat Transfer Through Buildings – Fabric Heat Gain/Loss [ One-dimensional, steady state heat transfer through buildings ~ Unsteady heat transfer through opaque walls and roofs ~ One-dimensional, unsteady heat transfer through building walls and roof ]
  • Lesson 35 Cooling And Heating Load Calculations – Estimation Of Required Cooling/Heating Capacity [ Heating versus cooling load calculations ~ Methods of estimating cooling and heating loads ~ Cooling load calculations ~ Estimation of the cooling capacity of the system ~ Heating load calculations ~ ]
  • Lesson 36 Selection Of Air Conditioning Systems [ Selection criteria for air conditioning systems ~ Classification of air conditioning systems ~ All water systems ~ Air-water systems ~ Unitary refrigerant based systems ]
  • Lesson 37 Transmission Of Air In Air Conditioning Ducts [ Transmission of air ~ Flow of air through ducts ~ Estimation of pressure loss in ducts ~ Dynamic losses in ducts ~ Static Regain ]
  • Lesson 38 Design Of Air Conditioning Ducts [ General rules for duct design ~ Classification of duct systems ~ Commonly used duct design methods ~ Performance of duct systems ~ System balancing and optimization ~ Fans ]
  • Lesson 39 Space Air Distribution [ Design of air distribution systems ~ Behaviour of free-stream jet ~ Circular jets ~ Types of air distribution devices ~ Return air inlets ~ Airflow patterns inside conditioned space ~ Stratified mixing flow ~ Spot cooling/heating ~ Selection of supply air outlets ]
  • Lesson 40 Ventilation For Cooling [ Natural versus mechanical ventilation ~ Natural ventilation ~ Guidelines for natural ventilation ~ Forced ventilation using electric fans ~ Interior air movement ]




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