Mechanical and Electrical Design of Pumping Station – Engineer’s Manual.pdf

The purpose of this manual is to provide information and criteria pertinent to the design and selection of mechanical and electrical systems for flood-control pumping stations. Elements discussed include equipment requirements, design memorandum, Operation and Maintenance manuals, pumping equipment and conditions, discharge system, engines and gears, pump drive selection, pump and station hydraulic tests, earthquake considerations, power supply, motors, power distribution equipment, control equipment, station wiring, station and equipment grounding, surge protection, electrical equipment, environmental protection, station service electrical system, and station service diesel generator.

Pumping stations designed and built by the Corps of Engineers are mostly part of a flood-protection project and, as such, are used during emergencies. Some stations may pump a combination of sanitary sewage and storm water. They are usually maintained and operated by local interests and may sometimes be manned by operators who are not technically trained. Therefore, the equipment installed in these stations should be highly reliable and, whenever possible, should be of a type and construction that will require minimum maintenance and be relatively simple and easy to operate. It is recognized, however, that large diesel engine drives require a great deal of maintenance and are quite complex to operate. Some stations will be located in a corrosive atmosphere, especially those located along an urban sewer. At these locations, proper equipment and material selection and proper station ventilation designs are critical to minimize the effects of the corrosive atmosphere. It is expected that some of the equipment will be more expensive than regular grades that are commercially available. Recommendations of local interest preferences should also be considered.


  • Chapter 1 Introduction [ Purpose ~ Applicability ~ References ~ Limitations ~ Design Procedures ~ Deviations ~ Safety Provisions ~ Appendices ]
  • Chapter 2 Equipment Requirements [ General ~ Design Life ~ Materials of Construction ]
  • Chapter 3 Design Memorandum Requirements [ General ~ Design Memoranda and Documents ]
  • Chapter 4 Operation and Maintenance Manuals [ General ~ Coverage ~ Schedule ~ Testing and Exercise ]
  • Chapter 5 Pumping Equipment [ General ~ Pump Characteristics and Types ~ Pump Arrangements ~ Selection of Pump Type ]
  • Chapter 6 Pumping Conditions [ General ~ Capacity Determination ~ Head Determination ~ Suction Requirements ~ Pump Requirements ]
  • Chapter 7 Discharge System [ General ~ Discharge Types ~ Selection Criteria ~ Design ~ Pipe Construction and Material ]
  • Chapter 8 Engines and Gears [ General ~ Engines ~ Fuel Supply System ~ Gear Drives ]
  • Chapter 9 Miscellaneous Equipment [ Sump Closure ~ Trash Protection ~ Equipment Handling ~ Ventilation ~ Equipment Protection ]




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