Gas Metal Arc Welding of Stainless Steel.pdf

This training program was written to give you a better understanding of the MIG welding process. MIG is an acronym for Metal Inert Gas, which is not technically correct for stainless steels because shielding gases for these materials contain an active gas such as oxygen or carbon dioxide. The correct term according to the American Welding Society (AWS) is Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).


  • Introduction
  • Base Metals
    • A. Alloying Elements
    • B. Stainless Steels [ Ferritic Alloys ~ Austenitic Alloys ~ Martensitic Alloys ~ Precipitation Hardening Alloys ~ Duplex Stainless Steels ]
  • Electrical Characteristics
    • A. Constant Voltage Power Supply Basics
    • B. Constant Voltage Power Supply Settings
    • C. Electrical Stick-Out
    • D. Constant Voltage Power Supply Characteristics [ Slope ~ Inductance ~ Heat Input ]
  • Shielding Gases
    • A. Shielding Gas Functions
    • B. Flow Rates
    • C. Gas Losses
  • Electrodes
    • A. Filler Metal Alloying Additions
    • B. Wire Designations and Chemistries
    • C. Solidification of the Weld Puddle
  • Metal Transfer
    • A. Short-Arc
    • B. Globular Transfer
    • C. Spray Transfer
    • D. Pulsed Spray Transfer
  • Welding Stainless Steels
  • Technique and Equipment Set-Up
    • A. Torch Angle
    • B. Feed Roll Tension
    • C. Burnback
    • D. Arc and Puddle Position
    • E. Vertical Down Welding
    • F. Gaps
    • G. Crater Filling
    • H. Arc Starting
  • Weld Discontinuities and Problems
    • A. Lack of Fusion
    • B. Porosity
    • C. Burn-Through
    • D. Undercut
    • E. Spatter
    • F. Cracking
    • G. Sensitization of Alloying Elements




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