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Another Course materials from IIT Kharagpur, it’s the Optical Engineering course material. Illumination Engineering, 20 Lessons in 4 Modules of Illumination ENgineering Course.

Table of Contents:

  • Module 1 Illumination Engineering Basics
    • Lesson 1 Introduction, objectives: State the need for Illumination, Define good Illumination, State what comprises an electric utility? List standard voltage levels, State need for high voltages for transmission [ Fundamentals of a.c Generation ~ Single Phase AC Generation ~ Generation of 3 phase E.m.f ]
    • Lesson 2 Radiation, objectives: State the Visible Range of light, State the range of light human eye responds to, Define UV radiation, Define IR radiation, List the physical phenomenon employed in artificial lighting, Define color temperature [ Relative Energy ~Relative Luminosity ~Spectral Energy ~Physical Processes Employed in the artificial sources ~Color Temperature ~ Wien displacement law ]
    • Lesson 3 Eye and Vision – I, objectives: Identify similarity between eye and camera, List the nerve system responsible for adaptation of eye, List factors responsible for visual acuity, State the purpose of good lighting, Define glare, Define Purkinjee effect [ Luminosity of Eye ]
    • Lesson 4 Eye and Vision – II, objectives: What is visual acuity? List qualitative factors responsible for visual acuity, State how the acuity varies with other parameters, State Minimum Illumination requirement for good visibility, Define Chromatic aberration [ Visual Activity Vs Illumination ~ Contrast Sensivity Vs Illumination ~ Nervous Muscular Tevlion Vs Illumination ~ Frequency of Blinking Vs Illumination ~ Convergence rate Vs Illumination ]
    • Lesson 5 Laws of Illumination, objectives: Define Standard of Illumination? What is a Candela? Understand MSLI, State Freschner’s Law, State Inverse Square law of Illumination [ Transparent ~ Frechner's law ~ Inverse Square Law ~ Lambert's Cosine Law of Incidence ]
    • Lesson 6 Photometry, objectives: Understand photometric bench, What is an Illumination Meter, Understand Light Distribution Curves, What is a Rousseau Diagram, Understand a Luminaire [ Photometric Bench ~ Luminaire ]
  • Module 2 Lamps
    • Lesson 7 Incandescent Lamps, objectives: What are Incandescent Lamps? State the Components of an Incandescent Lamp, Understand need for inert Gas in Incandescent Lamp, What is Lamp Darkening? State Factors responsible for Performance of an Incandescent Lamps
    • Lesson 8 Discharge Lamps I, objectives: What are Discharge Lamps? State Various type of Discharge Lamps. List Types of Emission that make a Gas Conducting, Distinguish Line and Band Spectrum [ Electron Emission ~ Mercury Vapor Lamp ~ Sodium Vapor Lamp ]
    • Lesson 9 Discharge Lamp II, objectives: List various Discharge Lamps, State Utilization Factor for a Discharge Lamp, What is color rendering, Understand Working of a Fluorescent Lamp, State various types of Phosphors usable [ Discharge Lamps ~ Fluorescent Lamp ]
    • Lesson 10 Discharge Lamp III, objectives: How are Fluorescent Lamps specified, Understand how every watt of Power is spent in a fluorescent lamp, State Various applications of UV Light, What are CFLs? How do CFLs compare with Ordinary Lamps? [ Discharge Lamps (contd.) ~ Bulb Temperature Vs Light output ~ Relative Efficiency of 1.5" Diameter Lamp ~ Lumen Maintenance Curve ~ Fluorescent Lamp Mortality Curve ~ Lecture Summary ]
  • Module 3 Illumination Systems, Objectives: List Components of an Illumination System, What is a Luminnaire?, What are various forms of Lighting?
    • Lesson 11 Illumination Systems I [ Luminaries ~ Industrial Luminaries ~ Categories of Explosive Areas ~ Road Lighting ~ Flood Lights ]
    • Lesson 12 Illumination Systems II, objectives: Understand the accessories employed in Illuminating systems, What is a Ballast? List various types of Ballast, List starting devices.
    • Lesson 13 Glare, objectives: Define Glare, List types of Glare, List the effects of Glare, What are various Glare Indices, How is Glare Evaluated? List measures to reduce the Glare [ Glare Evaluation ]
    • Lesson 14 Color, objectives: What are Primary colors? How is color specified? What is CRI? [ Color Specification Systems ~ Munsell system ~CIE System ~ L *a *b Colors Space ~ Color Rendering: Index Ra ]
  • Module 4 Lighting Application
    • Lesson 15 Interior Lighting, objectives: List the factors responsible for interior lighting, State recommended requirements for Good Lighting, List Factors governing light output. State Maintenance procedures for proper interior lighting, Enumerate recommended Illuminance levels [ Interior Lighting ~ Trends ~ Interior Finish ]
    • Lesson 16 Sports Lighting, objectives: List the factors responsible for sport lighting? List the categories of users concerned with sport lighting, State the grouping of games according to CIE [ Sports Lighting ~ Vertical Illuminance ~ Illuminance Uniformity ~ Glare ~ Modeling and Shadows ~ Color Appearance and Color Rendering ~ Recommendations for TV (National) ~ Recommendations for TV (International) ~ Recommendations for HDTV ~ Metal Halide Lamps ]
    • Lesson 17 Road Lighting, objectives: List factors affecting Road lighting scheme, State the conditions provided by Road lighting, List the categories of Road and recommended light levels, Understand zones in a tunnel lighting, What are Post Top Lanterns? [ Luminance Level ~ Luminance Uniformity ~ Glare Limitation ~ Lamp Spectra ~ Visual Guidance ~ Official Recommendations ~ Road categories ~ Recommendations for lighting ~Lighting Arrangements ~ Road Junctions ~Tunnel lighting]
    • Lesson 18 Lighting Calculations, objectives: List the issues for Lighting Calculations, Learn the quick way of estimating recommended levels, Understand the use of Iso-lux diagrams, List the factors to be accounted for calculation, What is room index [ Lighting Calculations ~ Horizontal Illuminance ~ Reflectance code ~ Vertical Illuminance ]
    • Lesson 19 Lighting Applications, objectives: List various lighting applications, Understand the need to integrate lighting with other applications, Classify Industrial Lighting, Classify Office Lighting, List requirements of lighting for Educational Institutions, Auditoria, Hospitals, Hotels and restaurants [ Lightning Applications ~ Multistorey ~ Single storey with skylight ~ Special Tasks in Industrial Environment ~ Office lighting ~ Illuminance ~ Luminances ~ General offices ~ Shops and Stores ~ Hotels / Restaurants ~ Hospitals ]
    • Lesson 20 Conclusions on Illumination Engineering [ Radiation ~ Eyes & Vision ~ Laws of Illumination ~ Photometry ~ Incandescent Lamps ~ Discharge Lamps I ~ Illumination Systems I ~ Glare ~ Color ~ Interior Lighting ~ Sports Lighting ~ Road Lighting ~ Lighting Calculations ~ Lighting Application ]




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