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An owner’s manual of seventh generation (2001-2005;EM2, ES1, EP3) of Honda Civic. The 2001 Honda civic uses the MacPherson Strut front suspension instead of double wishbone as its predecessor did, to allow more engine bay room to fit the K Series engine a newly introduced Honda’s engine.

Transmission available in automatic, manual and CVT while trims available in DX, LX, HX, EX and Si. This manual is quite complete manual, it also covers maintenance procedures such as: Hood Latch, Spark Plugs, Replacement, Battery, Wiper Blades, Air Conditioning System, Air Conditioning Filter, Drive Belts, Timing Belt, Tires, Inflation, Tire Rotation, Replacing Tires and Wheels, Wheels and Tires, Winter Driving, Snow Tires, Traction Devices, Lights, Headlight Aiming, Replacing Bulbs, and Storing Your Car.


  • Your Car at a Glance
  • Driver and Passenger Safety
    Important information about the proper use and care of your car’s seat belts, an overview of the Supplemental Restraint System, and valuable information on how to protect children with child restraints.
  • Instruments and Controls
    Explains the purpose of each instrument panel indicator and gauge, and how to use the controls on the dashboard and steering column.
  • Comfort and Convenience Features
    How to operate the heating and air conditioning system, and the audio system.
  • Before Driving
    What gasoline to use, how to break-in your new car, and how to load luggage and other cargo.
  • Driving
    The proper way to start the engine, shift the transmission, and park.
  • Maintenance
    The Maintenance Schedule shows you when you need to take your car to the dealer. There is also a list of things to check and instructions on how to check them.
  • Appearance Care
    Tips on cleaning and protecting your car. Also some things to look for if your car ever needs body repairs.
  • Taking Care of the Unexpected
    This section covers several problems motorists sometimes experience, and details how to handle them.
  • Technical Information
    ID numbers, dimensions, capacities, and technical information.
  • Warranty and Customer Relations (U.S. and Canada only)
    A summary of the warranties covering your new Honda, and how to contact us for any reason. Refer to your warranty manual for detailed information.
  • Authorized Manuals (U.S. only)
    How to order manuals and other technical literature.
  • Index
  • Service Information Summary
    A summary of information you need when you pull up to the fuel pump.




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