1999 Pontiac Grand Am Owners Manual.pdf

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Pontiac Grand Am is available in 2 bodystyles: 2 door coupe and 4 door sedan, when it was released in 1973 the Pontiac Grand Am was a mid size car but later, Pontiac Grand Am was produced in a compact car. Grand Am was a successor of Pontiac LeMans/ Pontiac GTO, and for 1999 model year it includes 3 engine choices which are: 2.2L I4, 2.4L I4 and 3.4L V6 combined with either 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission.


  • Seats and Restraint Systems
    This section tells you how to use your seats and safety belts properly. It also explains the air bag system.
  • Features and Controls
    This section explains how to start and operate your vehicle.
  • Comfort Controls and Audio Systems
    This section tells you how to adjust the ventilation and comfort controls and how to operate your audio system.
  • Your Driving and the Road
    Here you’ll find helpful information and tips about the road and how to drive under different conditions.
  • Problems on the Road
    This section tells you what to do if you have a problem while driving, such as a flat tire or overheated engine, etc.
  • Service and Appearance Care
    Here the manual tells you how to keep your vehicle running properly and looking good.
  • Maintenance Schedule
    This section tells you when to perform vehicle maintenance and what fluids and lubricants to use.
  • Customer Assistance Information
    This section tells you how to contact Pontiac for assistance and how to get service and owner publications. It also gives you information on “Reporting Safety Defects”.
  • Index
    Here’s an alphabetical listing of almost every subject in this manual. You can use it to quickly find something you want to read.




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