1997-2005 Buick Century/Oldsmobile Intrigue Collision Repair Issues.pdf

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The fourth generation of Buick Century shares the same layout and platform with Oldsmobile Intrigue and rather hard to distinguished from Buick LeSabre, or Buick Regal. In fact Buick Century and Regal were nearly the same car with small difference only in trim and engine, the Century used less powered engine than the Regal, a 3.1L LG8 V6 engine.

The Oldsmobile Intrigue was available in 3 trims which are GX (base), GL (mid-level) and GLS (high-end), among engines that were used by Oldsmobile Intrigue were: DOHC 3.5 Shortstar engine LX5 (6 cyl engine based on GM Northstar V8), and 3.8L L36 V6 engine, 4T65-E automatic transmission also was featured to this car.

This service manual will explains steps that must be taken by General Motors’ certified technician on repairing the vehicle’ body of Buick Century and Oldsmobile Intrigue.


  • Panel Identification [ 1997 Buick Century ~ 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue ]
  • Radiator Support Assembly
    The radiator support can be serviced as a complete assembly. The radiator support is made up of five major components: four upper and one lower.
  • Front Upper Rail
    The front upper rail is serviced as two components: inner and outer panels. The outer panel is serviced as a sub-assembly which includes an inner reinforcement. After the outer rail has been removed, the inner rail is completely accessible and can be serviced at the factory seams.
  • Front Wheelhouse Assembly
    The front wheelhouse service panel is serviced as a complete assembly, which includes the upper front strut mounting surface.
    The upper strut mounting surface is a dimensionally critical area, and three-dimensional measuring equipment should be used to locate the front wheelhouse assembly. The front apron close-out panel is available and serviced separately.
  • Front Lower Rail
    Sectioning procedures have been developed to simplify repair of the lower rails, providing the majority of the damage can be returned to factory specifications. This allows the damaged front section to be replaced without performing a full rail replacement. The rails are manufactured with die-marks inboard and outboard to indicate the location for the sectioning joint
  • Door Frame Opening
    The outer door frame can be replaced as a complete service part or various segments can be sectioned. Complete service part replacement requires the removal of the roof panel.
    Sectioning the outer and inner door frame reinforcement is usually much faster and more cost effective. Since the outer door frame is manufactured as a single component, service parts for sectioning must be cut from the service panel and modified as necessary.
  • Door Service
    The doors may be serviced as complete assemblies, or the outer door panels may be serviced separately. Use conventional service procedures when repairing the doors.
  • Roof Panel
    The roof panel is serviced as a complete assembly, including the outer panel and the inner reinforcements. The roof panel is attached by a number of welds which must be drilled to remove the outer panel and inner reinforcements for servicing
  • Quarter Panel
    The quarter panel is serviced as a one piece service assembly which includes the lock pillar and the lower rear quarter close-out panel. Replacement of the quarter panel requires removal of the back glass. Due to the manner in which the quarter panel attaches to the door frame opening, a special sectioning procedure has been developed for improved serviceability.
  • Rear Outer Wheelhouse
    Although full replacement of the rear outer wheelhouse can be performed, sectioning procedures have been developed for use when damage permits.
  • Rear Rail Assembly
    The rear rails are available as a sub-assembly. Each consists of an outer panel, two inner reinforcements, and the bumper mounting bracket. The outer panel and rear bumper mounting brackets are also available separately to facilitate sectioning. Additionally, there is a crossbar that connects the two rear rails for added strength and rigidity.
  • Rear Floor
    The damaged floor is cut along the rearward edge of the rear crossbar, and the service part is cut so that the new floor section extends to the front edge of the rear crossbar. This allows the two sections to overlap where the crossbar is attached.
  • Rear End Panel Assembly
    The rear end panel is supplied as a complete assembly. Quarter panel extensions attach to the outside corners of the rear end panel. Service for this panel is performed at factory seams.
  • Body Dimensions [ Underbody ~ Front ~ Engine Compartment ~ Buick Century Door Frame Opening ~ Oldsmobile Intrigue Door Frame Opening ~ Rear ~ Form and Pierce ~ Buick Century/Oldsmobile Intrigue Hole Identification Chart ]




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