C# Development Edition 1.1, 2009.pdf

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Once we know what the program should do (specification), and how we are going to determine whether it has worked or not (test) we now need to express our program in a form that the computer can work with.

C# Development.pdf

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These notes are made freely available to Computer Science students at the University of Hull, written by Rob Miles a Microsoft MVP and a lectturer at the Universtity of Hull.

Windows Phone Programming in C#.pdf

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For those who want to learn Windows phone programming who already know basic programming in C sharp on Windows PC.

Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime.pdf

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From the author of Microsoft Word 2010 Inside Out, Microsoft Office 2010 Plain & Simple, and Microsoft Word 2010 Plain & Simple. This book will tell a lot about cloud solutions for small businesses. Thus this ebook is suit for those who own or work in a small business, those who need to collaborate with others etc.

Programming Windows Phone 7.pdf

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Free ebook from Microsoft Corporation, pdf ebook about programming Windows Phone 7. Aimed forward for those who want to learn programming Windows Phone 7 direct from the master, Charles Petzold. It will be easier if you already know framework, .NET or C sharp to understand this ebook.

Windows 8 Apps Programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.pdf

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This free ebook is for those who want to apply web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) within the Windows 8 platform. Readers must at least conversant with those three web technologies to avail this ebook and to learn to write WinRT.

Introducing Windows 8 – an Overview for IT Professionals.pdf

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This is an ebook about the newest member of Windows Operating System family, which is called as Windows 8. Windows 8 is same as Windows 7 – only better, Windows 8 has a faster speed, more reliable and more secure. To improve users’ productivity, Windows 8 also features ne user interfaces and app models.

Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions From the Desktop to the Datacenter 2nd Edition.pdf

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This book’s target is anyone who want to learn about latest vistualization technologies, whether they are IT administrators, implementers or decission makers. This free ebook also covers the latest Microsoft Virtualization technologies: including Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Service in Windows server 2008 R2 etc.

Security and Privacy for Microsoft Office 2010 Users.pdf

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If your routine works involves sharing, communicating, processing and acting upon information stored on computers and network this book is definitely for you. Whether you’re working in small businesses or large enterprises, you need to know documents security.

Principles of Horticulture – Fifth Edition.pdf

You are expected to learn how and why plants grow and develop upon reading Principles of Horticulture.pdf, this natural science ebook is available free on the net.

Introducing Windows Server 2012.pdf

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The new Windows Server 2012 incorporated various update such as IP address management role, new file system, new version of Windows Task Manager etc. This free ebook will help individuals or professionals who would like to learn more about Windows Server 2012 and taking advantages on it.

A Guidebook of Industrial Traffic Management & Forklift Safety.pdf

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This guidebook examines a number of key issues with respect to industrial traffic management and forklift safety:
• Logistics, design & safety
• People and tasks
• The site and building
• Management of the traffic system
• Forklift features

Abraham Lincoln – The People’s Leader in the Struggle for National Existence.pdf

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Written by George Haven Putnam, Litt. D that is also an author of ‘Books and Their Makers in the Middle Ages’, ‘The Cencorship of the Church’, etc.

History Of Julius Caesar.pdf

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History Of Julius Caesar was written by Jacob Abbott in 1904. This roman biographic history tells a lot about persons who was involved in Caesar’s life, such as Marius, Sylla, Gaul, Pompey, Alexander, Hannibal etc. It also tells Julius Caesar’s golden era to conspiracy and assassination.

SSL 101: A Guide to Fundamental Web Site Security.pdf

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What SSL does, how SSL works, how SSL help someone’s reputation on the net is presented in the free pdf guide. The fun part is you don’t need to master html or php to understand this pdf ebook, just enjoy and relax.

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